I have been a follower of this site and have an account, whatever that really means, but I've never explored it. Basically I just signed up because everyone else seemed to be doing it. (no mom, I would not jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing that, I can so hear my mom saying that) I think now that I have a better idea what this Pinterest is, plain and simple, a black hole.

Pinterest Story lilgraphie
Pinterest Story lilgraphie

I always hear of people finding crazy decorating ideas and craft projects that vary from easy to difficult to wow how come I never thought of that to that's just plain weird. I have a bunch of empty walls and want Roman shades in my bedroom, but I keep liking the most expensive ones. I wanted to find a great way to maybe make my own Roman shades and find some cool ideas to decorate my bathroom walls. I have a huge wall in the bathroom that has beautiful tile up half of the wall, but then it's just a giant canvas of grey nothing. (it's actually painted grey)

I went for it, I sat at the computer and typed in the URL And two hours later I had learned that making your own Roman shades was "easy". At least that is what all of the crafters that had posted or um, rather, pinned their projects said. "Don't be afraid of all the steps, it really is easy, just hard to explain it without getting wordy" seemed to be the resounding sentiment from most of those who had done these projects. All of the projects had similar ways of getting the job done, sewing, no sewing, iron on sewing tape (what?) to a glue like concoction. I think that I kept looking to see if someone had a simpler way of doing it, then I got distracted with a crafty pin off to the side and started looking at bathroom projects.

Bathroom projects, mind you on Pinterest are endless, save yourself and don't ever start. I looked at flower things, metal things, lighted lights and even paper things. And if looking through all of this wasn't enough occasionally I would click on a random pin (am I referring to them right) and it would take me off to their whole set of projects. And this is when I decided, Pinterest is a black hole.

I don't mean this in a bad way, I don't think. But if you have anything to do, like eat or go to the bathroom, let the dog out or pick a child up at school don't dive in the black hole. The only reason I was able to escape is that I had to go to the bathroom so badly, I began to think that I would literally explode at any moment. What kind of story would that make, what ridiculous talk would inspire from that kind of disaster. All anyone would remember is that Pinterest was on my computer screen.

All joking aside, if you have self control, at least a 40% control over yourself (nothing less will do) go for it, but I caution you, call a friend and let them know when you decide to type that URL in so they can make sure they hear from you within the week.

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