I love what I do for a living but even doing something you love can be challenging at times. We all struggle with our bosses and unrealistic expectations. We all have days where we wonder if we are doing the right thing or if it is time to move on. I have had several of those phases in my career and have always needed a little something to put in my head to help me makes sense of it all and give me purpose. Words can do that.

I had a mentor give me a few words of wisdom years back that have stuck with me and helped me numerous times in this career. I was having a rough time. I was trying to decide if I wanted to do this anymore or if it was time to maybe try something new. I was fed up and didn't think I could get the right attitude to do what I do properly. I had just lost a bunch of people I had worked with and looked up to. I lost my mentors and was feeling very alone and lost. I was working with a man named Bob Moody and Bob gave me the best little piece of advice I have had in my career. I told him I was feeling lost and that all the people I had learned from, leaned on and looked up to were no longer around and had moved on. He then looked at me and said..."There comes a day when you need to become everyone you looked up to. It is now your time." That just stuck with me. It was time to take all the lessons I learned and move forward on my own confidently and know that I am ready. I was now in a new role and was ready for it. I have felt a different level of confidence ever since. Thanks again for the great words Bob. I think of them often.

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