Although we have yet to see the actual jump, there may be some Front Range skills involved here.

Whether you watch the Bachelor or not, there's a good chance you've heard about a fence jump. And I'm not talking a mid-torso, picket fence. I'm talking about a massive, privacy fence that is probably six or seven feet tall. In this season of the Bachelor, Colton Underwood (the man looking for love) has an emotional moment that is way too much to handle. So, he does the natural thing and runs away... and proceeds to throw himself over a fence.

Now, we could get into why he jumped the fence, but I think it's more important what happened after he jumped it.

He was uninjured, but it did take production quite some time to find him. And, being on a reality show, you can't spoil anything by being on your phone. So here we have an entire network trying to find this man in Colorado. And it took a good few hours.

Colton joked about the time he spent away from the cameras.

"I'm a resourceful guy. I'm in Colorado, alright? I know how to make a little bonfire, fight off some coyotes, or whatever we got to do."

I fully take this as Colton's ability to survive comes from the skills he learned in our area. Of course, he wasn't in the middle of the woods when he jumped the fence. However, if he truly wanted to escape all of the troubles of the roses and did run into the woods, he would probably live a long, happy life there among the woodland creatures.

Oh, and for what it's worth, we have yet to see this fence jump on our televisions.

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