Think of the daily grind, the amount of time we as a society devote to work, struggle with finances, and devote to the demanding world around us. When there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day (or there’s too much to fit in to those hours), it becomes nearly impossible not to lose yourself in it all.

The top goal I decided to focus on for this fresh new year is self-care. From the moment I rang in last year’s 2018 new year, it was the year of struggle and strife. I spent the entire year battling not only with money, men and myself, I spent the entire last year fighting an internal battle with the myself.

I am proud and relieved to be able to say that before 2018 was over, I was able to conquer my inner struggle. Think of your deepest inner self, your spirit, your soul as a seed that lives in the core of your very existence. Self-judgment and inner criticisms encourage negativity and doubt to grow into fruits of anxiety, stress, depression and all the other fruitless and false claims that can arise.

Luckily for us here in Northern Colorado there is an abundance of ways to give back to the over worked and well deserving human that is you.

My top 3 go-to self-care activities:

  • Getting outside whether it’s on a walk on your lunch break, biking around town, or a solo hike on one of the many trails this NOCO hub provides. Taking a break from the buzz of smart phones, car fumes, and society is more beneficial for your health and well-being than it may sound.
  • Making fitness and exercise a regular practice provides multi-leveled benefits for the mind, body and soul. Boosted energy, decreased fatigue, weight loss, improved libido and longevity are scientifically proven facts to regular fitness and exercise.
  • I am a firm believer in the self-care act of treating yourself. For me (and depending on the time of year), treating myself can be going out to one of the many breweries and/or dispensaries around town, dining at my favorite restaurant. And in the warm sunny months, heading to the river or to one of Horsetooth resovoir's secluded beaches is always a relaxing and revitalizing adventure.

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