‘Good gourd! That thing is huge!’ will probably be one of the things you hear on Sunday at Fort Collins Nursery, as they host their 8th event to celebrate prize winning pumpkins!

Giant Pumpin
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

This is a fall party I can wrap my head around, even though I won’t be able to wrap my arms around the entries. Fort Collins Nursery’s 8th Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off and Fall Jamboree is going to be… BIG.  When there’s a $1,700 cash prize for the biggest pumpkin (the biggest pumpkin prize in the state), people from ALL OVER are going to cart their enormous orange gourds out to give it a go!

The event starts at 11am on Sunday, October 2, 2016 at Fort Collins Nursery (with pumpkin registration starting at 10am) and runs until about 3pm. The family is going to get a kick out everything going on. Let’s start with the Unicorn Pony Cart Rides from noon-3. That’s AWESOME.  Pumpkin Bowling. YES! Then, throw in a food truck (Schmickels Hot Dog Cart, a beer tent (featuring Odell’s, Pateros Creek and Scrumpy’s), and live music from The Choice City Seven, what you have is a good ol’ fashioned fall – Jamboree! The event is free to attend, but you’ll need cash for beer and food.

And of course, there’ll be the weighing of the pumpkins. Which one weighs the most! Last year, there were THREE that weighed over 1,000 pounds! That is a TON of pie. “Pick up more Cool Whip when you’re at the store!” They’ll also be a kids division, a contest for ‘prettiest pumpkin’ and more! The forecast says ‘Sunshine and Fun’ for Sunday. Jamboree away!

Get all the details from Fort Collins Nursery HERE!

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