There has been a lot of great music put out over the last few years. My speakers have been thumping with some great new sounds and I am loving it more than ever. I don't like everything we play but there is a whole lot that I sure do love. I listen to a lot of music but went through my library and found out which 5 albums I have played more than any others this year and came up with these. Again I have loved a lot of music lately but for some reason these have found the "play" button on my system the most over the year.

Trent Tomlinson - That's What's Working Right Now - I love every song on this baby. It may not have had a bunch of radio success but from start to finish this is pure country gold

Aaron Watson - Vaquero - I love everything this guy puts out and he seems to get better and better with every record. His lastest, 'Vaquero' is right up there with his best. It has the smash hit "Outta Style" and look out for his next single "Run Wild Horses" to be his biggest yet.

The Cadillac Three - Legacy - I have been a huge fan of these guys since I first heard the song "The South" a few years back. They played the Habajeeba Show in the past and I just love their sound. Every record they have put out has rocked me big time but 'Legacy' is by far the best thing they have put out yet. I play this thing several times a week still.

Jon Pardi - California Sunrise - He has also played a Habajeeba Show and we knew right away this guy was something special. He continues to grow with every new release and has about reached the superstar level. This guy is going to be making great records for decades to come and 'California Sunrise' sets the bar very high

Midland - On the Rocks - This is, by far, the best album I have heard in ages. This is country music at it's best. From the first cut to the last you can feel your body sway uncontrollably to the sounds of Midland. These are great songs. They are beautifully written, produced and performed. If you only buy one country album this this one. This is what country is supposed to be.

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