In late April, Tenille Townes officially announced her debut full-length album, The Lemonade Stand. Due out on June 26, the album is a long time coming for the rising performer, who has been hard at work in the studio with producer Jay Joyce for over a year.

In that time, Townes has seen her star rise thanks to the success of her debut single, "Somebody's Daughter," and toured with the likes of Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. Her new album's 12 tracks include new versions of some songs she has released along the way, such as the poignant "Jersey on the Wall (I'm Just Asking)" and the soulful "I Kept the Roses."

In February, Townes offered a preview of her new music with her The Road to the Lemonade Stand EP. The two projects are clearly connected for Townes, both falling under the thematic umbrella of what "the lemonade stand" is, and what it means to her.

Of course, Townes explains to The Boot, The Lemonade Stand is a nod to her debut single: "It comes from a line in "Somebody's Daughter,"" she explains, referencing the lyric "Bet she was somebody's best friend, laughing / Back when she was somebody's sister / Counting change at the lemonade stand ..."

"Somebody's Daughter" tells the story of a homeless woman who Townes remembers seeing holding a sign at a highway exit. Throughout the song, the artist reflects on what the woman's story might be, and imagines where she came from and who she was before circumstances forced her out on the street.

"Somebody's Daughter" asks listeners to look beyond appearances, considering the worth and backstory of everyone they meet. It's a strong message about the power of empathy and compassion, which Townes says speaks to the deeper themes of The Lemonade Stand.

"It's this metaphor of a gathering place, a place where people can come into a community," the singer muses. "Where strangers become friends, and people can just show up and be who they are -- be reminded that they're not alone in their stories -- and be filled up.

"That's really what I want this music to do, is, hopefully, fill people up. So that's where the meaning comes from," Townes continues.

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