Phew, it’s been quite a ride this year, hasn’t it? Over the past few months, you’ve been nominating your favorite teachers, all the way from preschool powerhouses to high school heroes, and we’ve seen a lot of truly exceptional people participate in our contest.  Even though only one can win the $500 prize for their school each month, it’s still our honor and delight to celebrate all those who have the exceedingly difficult but rewarding job of educating Northern Colorado’s kids.

Here are your last Teacher Tuesday winners of 2019-20 School Year:

  • September: Chris Farrell – Jackson Elementary
  • October: Ericha Jaeger – Windsor Middle
  • November:  Ashley Torres – Bauder Elementary
  • December: Julie Thompson – Lesher Middle
  • January: Jamie Simon – Northridge Elementary
  • February: Micah Jennings – Fred Tjardes School of Innovation
  • March: Denise Kennedy – Grandview Elementary

Townsquare Media's Teacher Tuesday Winners, 2019-2020

Though, truly, we want to recognize all of our fabulous participants from 2019. If one of these wonderful people teach at your or your kid’s school, be sure to thank them for everything they do.

  • Emily Furlan
  • Chris Farrell
  • Cathy Bowles
  • Courtney Looney
  • Brad Farbo
  • Julie Brazelton
  • Diane Kallhoff
  • Kathi Slavik
  • Tabitha Nickerson
  • Stacy Hoban
  • Tammy Warren
  • Scott Kindt
  • Kathy Azari
  • Danielle Mwago
  • Ashley Torres
  • Emarie Neal
  • Jane Phelan
  • Amber Pollock
  • Dahlie Maycroft
  • Julie Thompson
  • Kendra Larson
  • Kenneth Magruder
  • Ruthie Smith
  • Maggie Miles
  • Haley Walker
  • Kent Kast
  • Melissa Schaefer
  • Sherri Riffle
  • Daniel Smith
  • Ashton Lee
  • Shelby Smith
  • James Ruby
  • Jessica Wolfe
  • Stephanie Sumulong
  • Ronda Buck
  • Katherine Schifter
  • Troy Tolar
  • Jenna Roth
  • Danielle Rutz
  • Megan Mulder
  • Aspen Lindley
  • Kyle Appelhans
  • Megan Santos
  • Lyn Karnes
  • Juli Romero
  • Matt Norton
  • Sally Wright

If you have a teacher you want to see recognized in 2020, nominate them below!

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