Getting your heart broken for the first time. Cruising around town with a car full of your high school friends after homecoming. Dancing on your father’s feet in the kitchen. Those are all chapters in your life that may have passed many years ago, but if you remember what song you were listening to when they happened, you probably understand how strong of a tie music has to our memories and our emotions.

It’s crazy how music does that to us, right? We all get a jolt of nostalgia when we hear an old song on the radio, probably not because it was an exceptionally great song, but more likely because it’s linked to a memory in our minds. We hear it and we remember; we feel.  It’s proof that music is a huge milestone marker for events in our lives from first steps, to first dances. And, what bigger event in our lives do we have than the day we entered this world?

Over the weekend, I discovered's '#1 Song on the Day You Were Born' generator, which will tell you what the number one song was the day you were born. It's been pretty fun to play around with. If you were born this week last year, your song would be ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry. And if you were born today, your song would likely be this:

Thirty years ago today?

I’ve been entering other important dates to see if I remember the song that it comes up with. For my birthday, I got ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You’ by Bryan Adams, which, now that I think about it, I almost know all the words to because I heard it so much as a kid.

Ah, a grainy 90s-tastic music video (denim-on-denim attire included, obviously).

On the day that I graduated high school, the number one song was the... lyrically-diverse... ‘Boom Boom Pow’ by The Black Eyed Peas. I’ll keep my thoughts on that to myself.

The number one song on my parents' wedding day? (sounds like a good omen to me.):

One of the really neat things about this is that it goes back really far— like, 115 years far. That means I got to see what my great-grandparents were likely listening to when my grandmother was born:

Curiosity piqued? See what song was topping charts on your birthday, and other important days here.


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