Fans and critics alike may think they know all there is to know about Taylor Swift's love life, either from the intense media scrutiny surrounding it or the fact that the singer is confessional in her song lyrics. Well, those people can guess again, since Swift isn't kissing and telling -- or outing identities -- anytime soon. That's intel she chooses to keep classified.

Despite the fact that she mines her personal life as source material for her music, Swift is happy to kept the specifics regarding her exes (or otherwise) who inspire her hit songs a secret, because it creates an element of mystery and mystique.

"People think they know who I've dated and they just don't," Swift reveals (quote via Big Machine). "They don't know everything."

There is some mystery when it comes to the star's romances. She is totally fine with that, saying, "And so, there are some of these secrets that may go completely unanswered and that's fine with me. Because the one thing I have at the end of the day is that I never reveal who each song is about."

She has a point there. It is totally up to change -- or never even reveal -- the names to protect the innocent and to avoid embarrassing the not-so-innocent.

That's also what makes her music art. Leaving some nuggets of information out so the listener can fill in the gaps with their own interpretation creates a connection and interaction between the artist and the fan.


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