Located in the mountains of Divide, the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is a sanctuary that rescues wolves and foxes, while also focusing on educating the community, as well as conservation and preservation efforts.

The non-profit organization also allows individuals to observe these beautiful animals up-close and in-person, through various on-site tours. The guided tours and meet-and-greets are offered year-round, but space is limited during each one so reservations are required ahead of time.

The Full Moon and Full Moon Feeding tours both take place every month, and give people the unique opportunity to watch the wolves eat and play.

The Full Moon tours take place on a Saturday night, and are approximately 2 hours long. To start, the sanctuary provides complimentary seasonal beverages and sweets, and then begin on the tour. Once it gets to be near dusk, tour-goers hike up to Chinook's Nature Trail where they get to hear the story of how the center was created. Guests even have the chance to howl along with the wolves at the end of the tour, and hear them howl back. Full Moon tours are $35 for adults and $15 for kids.

The Full Moon Feeding tours are offered the Friday before, and Sunday after, the regular Full Moon tours. In the hour and a half time frame, visitors gets to meet the resident animals and witness them during feeding, when they are most active. The guide will discuss how the wolves hunt, why they howl, and more about the species. Snacks and beverages are again provided, and there's still the traditional group wolf howl at the end. Full Moon Feeding tours are $25 for adults and and $15 for children.

Due to unpredictable weather and changing conditions, the sanctuary recommends that guests wear tennis shoes or hiking boots, and dress warmly. They also suggest bringing a flashlight. There are no cancellations, reschedules or refunds for any of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center's tours.

The next Full Moon tours take place April 23, 24, and 25. To book a reservation, call 719-687-9742 or visit wolfeducation.org.

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