We live in a time when many local businesses and restaurants in Northern Colorado have been closing. It feels like every day there is a new closure.

It is great to see a local business build and expand. It uplifts us and gives us hope that local businesses can thrive in our community. A taco spot in Fort Collins is growing and we could not be more excited for them.

The Taco Stop Stays in Fort Collins


The Taco Stop, a staple in Fort Collins since 2012, is moving to a new location.

The Taco Stop started as a food cart, then a food truck, then an official restaurant. The Taco Stop was built from the ground up in Fort Collins and we are proud that they are staying locally.

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The Taco Stop says their primary focus is on the community and great food.

The Taco Stop is currently located on South College Avenue. If you have not been yet, you need to make it a priority to stop by. They have amazing tacos. Recently, I tried a taco on their menu with french fries on it. My mind was blown.

Where New Fort Collins Location Will Be

The Taco Stop will be moving to Scotch Pines Village on S Lemay Avenue. The Taco Stop says they will be moving to their new location in June of this year.

Make sure to follow The Taco Stop on social media here. They will provide updates throughout the moving process.

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