The movement is on.

It's been on, as a matter of fact. This is the 15th year of the Sustainable Living Fair, produced by the Sustainable Living Association.

It's grown considerably, has changed venues, and last year faced its biggest challenge ever. The September floods of 2013 hit on the weekend that the fair was to take place. It was cancelled.

With the massive loss in revenue from not being able to open the gates of the fair, the future of the event was in question. But shortly after the tragic event, it was clear that because of fundraising efforts and general support, it would be back.

This year, no weather catastrophes are predicted. In fact we expect a pretty nice weekend.

The Sustainable Living Fair is a special event that combines music, speakers and sustainable education with vendors that have solutions to making everyone's life a little greener.

This year's fair is Sept. 20 and 21 at Legacy Park in Fort Collins.


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