It is brutal cold and you are stuck inside today with the young ones. What will you do to keep them and yourself entertained and occupied? How about getting on the floor and building a good old fashioned blanket fort. How long has it been since you did that? Today is the perfect day for it.

We all know that one of the major dangers we are going to face is the inevitable zombie invasion. It’s really just a matter of time before it all goes down according to some TV shows I’ve seen and articles I have read. I know my grand kids have been practicing their zombie killing skills for quite some time now so they are ready when the day comes.We decided that we would build a big ole blanket fort to hide in and hunt zombies. We know that zombies cannot see through or walk through blankets and bed sheets so that is what we used for building materials. We put up some bar stools on TV trays in front of the couch to get the proper height for our fortress. We then got a marshmallow gun to arm ourselves and set up camp under our canopy.

We sat in there from noon until 530 watching movies, coloring and of course keeping our eyes out for zombies. I am happy to report no zombies made it past the front door and we had a fantastic afternoon gathered on the floor. I learned that I am old and crawling through a blanket fort can be tough on an old man and his back. I didn’t get attacked by zombies but I may need to get a crack from the chiropractor.

Take some time and get on the floor with our kids today. You will all love the joy you find. What a great day!


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