RaeLynn's single "Bra Off" is a clever track that uses analogy to compare the relief that comes with breaking off a suffocating relationship to, well, taking your bra off. It checks off all of the boxes of a perfect pop country song, too: It's upbeat, catchy and a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Co-written by the singer, Josh Kerr and Emily Weisband, "Bra Off" is RaeLynn's the first release since signing to Florida Georgia Line's Round Here Records in late 2019. Read on to learn about the writing session that led to "Bra Off" in the words of RaeLynn herself.

I wrote that song with two of my friends, Josh Kerr and Emily Weisband.

I was basically b---hing about this guy, and I was saying, "God, breaking up with him is literally like taking my bra off," and right when I said that, they were like, "That’s a song." And then we started writing.

We literally wrote it in 45 minutes.

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