I love comedy and irreverence but sometimes a topic just isn't funny and you can end up looking like an idiot if you try to do humor about it. Stephen Colbert is a perfect example of this. I have always thought he was ok...nothing special but ok. I now think he is complete idiot after what he did to Keith Urban after the CMA Awards last week.

The news has been full of brave women coming forward to tell their stories and trying to put an end to male-pigness that seems to be prevalent in a lot of professions. It is wrong and needs to be addressed. Keith Urban sat down and wrote a very powerful tribute to the power of women with his new single "Female" which he sang on the CMA's. Apparently Mr. Colbert wasn't very moved and thought he could do better. Major fail Stephen. Have no idea what you were trying to achieve with this. Thank you for your class Keith Urban.

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