Star Trek is firmly a TV franchise once again — and increasingly it’s multiple TV franchises all at once. There’s Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, and eventually Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which will feature the original cast of the Starship Enterprise as led by Anson Mount’s Captain Pike. And there is also Star Trek: Lower Decks a comedic animated Trek series for adults — which will now be joined by a second animated Star Trek, this one specifically for kids.

As announced on the Star Trek panel from Comic-Con At Home, the show is called Star Trek: Prodigy, and it will be airing on Nickelodeon as opposed to CBS All Access. The panel itself didn’t offer too many details beyond a logo and a title, but according to Deadline, the new show “will follow a group of rebellious teens who commandeer an old Starfleet ship and head off into the universe for adventure and more.”

This is a fun idea. I first discovered Star Trek as a kid through the 1970s animated series, which used to air in endless reruns on Nickelodeon. Savvy kids can find a lot of Star Trek on various streaming services, but there isn’t really much that’s specifically designed for that audience. Star Trek: Prodigy definitely fills that void. If all of these shows remain on the air, that would make five different simultaneous Star Trek shows at once, which is an unprecedented number. It’s a really good time to be a Trek fan (unless you really liked the Chris Pine cast or you have a moral objection to CBS All Access for some reason).

Star Trek: Prodigy is expected to premiere in 2021. You can watch the complete Star Trek panel from Comic-Con At Home here:

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