Picture this... You are shopping for clothes at the Foothills Mall in Fort Collins when you go into Macy's to try and find that perfect shirt to wear. You're standing at a clothing rack thinking you've found the shirt you have been looking for all day. Then, a loveable squirrel goes flying past you, in the store. So this isn't a what-if scenario, because it happened this past Sunday.

California Turns To Birth Control To Stop Squirrel Overpopulation
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According to the Coloradoan, a male squirrel entered the Macy's at Foothills Mall on Sunday. Larimer Humane Society animal control officer, Madeline Smith, attempted to capture the squirrel for around an hour but was unsuccessful. Smith came back to Macy's the next day equipped with a trap that was placed in the store. After a couple of hours, the squirrel entered the trap and was relocated a short distance away in a natural area.

Source: Coloradoan 

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