Tomorrow springtime officially begins. We have our change of season just after 10 tomorrow morning. There are many people who live for this time of year. Soon the plants will be blooming, gardens will begin to be groomed and the yards will start to green up. You will hear the sound of choirs of birds fill the air and all of nature comes back to life. It truly is a beautiful sight.

There are things I love about spring but it is not my favorite season at all. I am a winter guy and will miss the cool and darkness but my motorcycle tells me we are going to have a great time this year with my new body. I am looking forward to that and spending more time in the outdoors now that I can actually move. I am thinking my appreciation for spring and summer will grow now that I have shrunk but I will always be a fall and winter guy at heart. Bring on the spring but I will be anxiously awaiting my favorite season of all...fall. How about you?

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