It's almost comical that everyday there seems to be a new reality show of some kind. Seriously, I can't keep up with them all.  Now Spike TV is offering the biggest bounty/reward in television history with the "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" reality show.

The series which will air January 2014, features 9 teams who are heading out into the Pacific Northwest to find and/or prove Bigfoot/Sasquatch does exist. The show, hosted by Dean Cain, is looking for photographic proof and DNA evidence and if found the winner will be handed a check for $10M that is guaranteed by the famous Lloyd's of London.

One of the tools that may come into play for the teams are new mobile DNA labs that will give results within a day and most scientists believe that if Bigfoot does exist, it will probably come to piles of poo and DNA.

Even with DNA testing, who knows.  A Texas veterinarian last November said he claims to have DNA proof but that story still remains unproven.  So if a vet can't prove it's Bigfoot DNA, how is some housewife or big game hunter?

The show will feature teams of scientists, zoologists, seasoned trackers and actual Bigfoot hunters.  I have to be honest, if one has not been found by now, they have either all died of from a once small group or they never existed in the first place.  Way too much time has gone by in the last 40 years and with the thousands of hunters etc., not one has a real good photo, video or has even shot one in the name of science.  I mean let's face it, if you were out hunting and saw one, would you not blast it for science and prove to the world they do exist? No one has even come across bones or skeletal remains of any kind.

I think Lloyd's of London is safe this time around.

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