Father's Day will be here Sunday and I am looking forward to this one. My parents are coming in from North Dakota to go meet their new great grandchild in Holyoke and then on to Greeley to spend Father's Day with me. It is so special to get to actually spend Father's Day with my dad. We will watch golf and just hang out and make fun of each other. I cannot wait.

We all reach the age when you start appreciating the "little things" in life more. Things like time together with the ones you love. I see too many people lose friends or family members and feel they had unfinished business with the person they lost. I know that my parents and I have said and shared all we need to every day. We have always been an open and loving family that doesn't hold back expressing emotion. I love my dad and think he is the greatest man to walk the earth and the perfect example of what a father, husband, friend and man should be. I am blessed to have had his example. I want to spend every second together that we can while we are still on this earth.

We so often will just call our loved ones on special occasions like Father's Day, Mother's Day or birthdays. We need to start making the effort to spend them together in the flesh while we still can. Don't wait until next year. There is no guarantee you will have the chance again. Grab onto life now and make those memories that last a lifetime. We never know how long that will be. Love each other out loud. Go see your parents if you can.

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