We are just two sleeps away from the big Habajeeba Show. Friday night at the UCCC in Greeley is going to be a very special evening and here are few tips to make it even better. The music and comedy will be plentiful and we want you in the right mood to experience it all.

First off, as I wrote in an earlier blog, get there on time. We are very serious about starting the show at 7 on the nose. We have a lot to pack into a few hours and need to start on time. The show will be at least 3 hours long so go to the bathroom before you come.

Parking is going to be a bit of challenge so I recommend getting there quite early if you can. There is a father/daughter dance next door going on at the same time so there will be a lot of folks wandering around the downtown area and scooping up the parking spaces.

This is a PG-13 type of show so bring your big person ears and sense of humor with you. It is not nasty by any means but has some adult humor and is unscripted so you never know what will happen.

Make a night of it and hit one of the many great eateries in downtown Greeley. If you haven't been in downtown Greeley for awhile, you have missed a lot. The area is hopping with great restaurants and watering holes so you can find a great meal and couple of preshow cocktails to get you in the spirit.

More that anything just check your troubles at the door. We are going to make you forget about all the negative stuff for a few hours and have a blast. I can't wait to see you from that stage Friday night. Carry on.

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