Six companies are making a bid to design the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl 50 rings - one of them is giving us a first look at their design.

Houston jeweler Uptown Diamond's mock-up of their Super Bowl 50 ring, created using a 3D printer, is in [click HERE to see it] - complete with orange and clear diamonds in the shape of the Broncos logo.

Uptown Diamonds expects the team will make a decision within a month as to which company will make the rings.

Owner Rick Antona told KBTX-TV he estimates the rings' value to be between $15,000 and $25,000, with each ring being customized for every player.

"Each wax is custom-cut for that player," he said. "As far as production time, crispness and clarity of the ring - it's unreal."

If their design is chosen, Uptown Diamond says it will take 18 to 19 weeks to have all rings made and delivered to the players.

Below is a replica of the Denver Broncos' 1998 Super Bowl XXXIII ring.

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