Seeing smoke is often a very alarming sight to see. Wildfires have affected Colorado throughout the years and when we see smoke, we automatically assume that a wildfire is here.

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Agencies in Colorado are trying to ensure that we don’t have wildfires in Colorado. Fort Collins residents were alarmed recently because there was smoke in the air. However, there was not a wildfire in Northern Colorado.

Smoke in Fort Collins


Many Fort Collins resident voiced their concerns online when they saw smoke in the mountains. These residents assumed a wildfire was in the area concerned about their safety.

Nobody wasn’t in danger and this fire was lit on purpose.

We completely understand why people were frightened by the sight of smoke. Especially when you do not know when a prescribed burn will be happening.

Controlled Burns in Northern Colorado


You might be thinking that it’s strange to light fires on purpose. this fire was simply a controlled burn to ensure that northern Colorado is safe from future wildfires.

The controlled burn was a prescribed fire by the state of Colorado. The fire was called the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests Pile Burning.

Keep This In Mind When You See Smoke in Colorado


It is a good tool to know when controlled and prescription burns are happening in Colorado so you will not be alarmed. You can sign up for notifications for prescribed fires, or you can check when fires are happening in your area, whether it be in Northern Colorado or across the entire state.

This time of the year would also be extremely out of character. Fire season is typically from May to September.

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