Everyone has a smart phone now. We have all gotten used to being tethered to our phones and always being able to communicate anything at any time. There are definite pluses and negatives to this. One of the biggest negatives to me is having to listen to other people's phone calls in public.

I know I am old but...I remember phone booths and why we had them. You used to go in the booth to make a call. You had some privacy and not everyone heard every word you were saying. When I am out for dinner, at a ball game or just out on the town it always gets under my skin when I hear a phone conversation over my shoulder. You can hear their whole conversation about Aunt Betty and her battle with insurance and how Uncle Fred made out at his job interview.

I know I have been guilty of this many times as well and hate it when I catch myself being "one of those people". I wish we had little pods like port a potty's where you go to make your calls. Sometimes I get caught up in missing "back when". There are a lot of great things we are able to do because of technology but privacy is one of the sacrifices of all of it. Nothing is private anymore. We share everything with the world. Have a great today...I'll be in my booth.

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