Details are starting to emerge as we get closer to Spring on replanting a section of the High Park Fire area.  As many remember, the Sleigh Riders "Summer Series" event had to be moved due to the fact that half the ride route was on fire.  So we decided to do something about it.

I want to first thank Lesli Wulf for her tireless work on getting all this set up through the Colorado State Forest Service.  It has been a long road and she has literally been on the phone and has had email contact since June, 2011.

Let me say that Lesli's admiration for what the Colorado State Forest Service has done for us is above and beyond expectations.  Come to find out, they have never really dealt with a huge group like the Sleigh Riders so logistics have been an issue due to our requests of having a place we could ride to and a place we can see our work for years to come.

Let me just say the Colorado State Forest Service went way out of their way to help us out and were thrilled to do so.

Here is what we know for sure...

  • Our section to replant will be in Rist Canyon
  • Plant date will be May 4th, weather permitting
  • The U.S. Forest Service secured motorcycle parking on private property
  • We'll base in Masonville at Nostalgic West Leather - Lunch provided  (Times TBA)
  • Group ride after lunch/brunch to Rist Canyon
  • Board of Directors will attend an orientation meeting on March 9th

So, now we need to know who is going to INK this on the calendar.  The Colorado State Forest Service needs a good body count so they can plan accordingly and we need to know how many people to feed as well.  If you are still "all in" on this and want to be a part of it you need to let me know.

Please send an email to and let me know your head count.  Please include your phone number and please type in your email address so I can transfer the information easily to a work document.

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