My final attempt at the Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride is coming up in June. To entice you to sponsor some miles, here are two signed guitars to be auctioned off.

Update as of April, 21: Gary Allan signed guitar is at $1250 and the Eric Church signed guitar is at $600

As some of you know, my goal was to raise $50,000 to send 50 veterans to Washington D.C. via Honor Flight Northern Colorado. I started to raise funds on January 1, which would mean I would need to raise $10,000 per month leading up to the ride. So, at the end of March, today, I should be at $20,000 left to raise, but I am still over $33,000 left to raise, or, $13,000 short of the monthly goal.

Most of the people who sponsored miles last year are nowhere to be found this year, and many who have said they would sponsor miles to honor our local veterans, haven't.

During a meeting today with my boss Justin Tyler, he gave me two signed guitars to auction off hoping that maybe if people got something in return, it would entice them to donate.

So, how about two autographed guitars; one from Gary Allan and the other from Eric Church. Highest bidder for each one takes that guitar home at the end of April.

This way, not only will you be sponsoring some miles and making a donation to Honor Flight Northern Colorado, you'll get an autographed guitar to hang in your office or home. Sweet deal if you ask me.

To submit your bid, just send me an email ( and tell me what your bid is, what guitar you are bidding on and make sure to include your cellphone number. I will post all the bids on the Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride Facebook page each time a new bid comes in. If you don't do Facebook, I will email you if you get outbid, giving you a chance to make another bid.

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