May is National Military Appreciation Month. Every month should be but this one month a year is set aside to put extra focus on honoring our veterans and those who serve the greatest nation on earth. The website for National Military Appreciation Month offers some great ideas on how you, your business or community can honor those who defend our flag. You can link up to that right here.

There is no one on this planet who deserves our gratitude more than those who serve in the military. Do whatever you can to honor them this month. Fly that flag proudly. Shake every vets hand that you encounter and offer a heartfelt 'thank you'. Buy a meal or pay for their groceries if you can. Visit a veterans hospital. If you own a business, offer a discount for the military. Donate to an organization that helps those who have served. There are many ways to say 'thank you'. Make sure you find and do several of them this month. Thank you and God bless to all who defend the red, white and blue.

Few artists speak to this cause better than Trace Adkins so I will let him do that with a killer new song from his latest album.

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