We all know this has been the most disastrous Bronco season of recent memory and perhaps of all time. We had high expectations and have completely failed to live up to them. There will be some sweeping changes before the next season starts. Could adding another Manning be one of those moves?

We have heard the news that Eli Manning has lost his starting job in New York. I think the Giants are very foolish this year and have been as equal as a disappointment as Denver has. The Giants actually beat the heck out the Broncos this year so I guess we are even more disappointing than they are. I think the idea of bringing Eli in and letting him do what Peyton did would be an incredible story. We need a veteran QB and I think it would so cool to ride the arm of Eli and let him walk off into the sunset a champion just like his brother.

What do you think? Should the Broncos pursue brother Eli or do think we are better off without him?


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