As President Obama garners support on a military strike on Syria I have to ask myself, "Self, is this really the best thing for me as a United States citizen?"  It seems though as Big Brother is ready to be the big bully once again.

I really don't want to sound cynical but really, is this necessary?  Why do we always think we should be the world's police squad and solve everyone's problems.  I don't want to be cold and crass but if Syria wants to bomb Syria why is it our problem?  If we are going to launch air strikes we might as well take out North Korea while we're at it.  Aren't they more of a threat to the United States than Syria?

The President promises this will not be a "boots on the ground" campaign but until I deem Syria an immediate threat to my family and I, on U.S. soil, I want no part of my tax dollars being spent on bombing Syria.  They can sort their own problems out...

You know where my vote is going on this poll but I want to know where yours is going.  No one will know who you are so please only takes a few seconds.

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