I have a hard time buying this because I feel like we're constantly hearing and seeing stories about crime in this particular city and honestly, this was one of the last cities I expected to see come up on any safe list but here it is.

According to Cheapism.com, Aurora came in at #20 for safest cities in America, yeah I was pretty shocked at that one as well and here's the kicker, no other Colorado city made the list for safest city in America. It's almost laughable right?

Before we start laughing and poking fun at this person that put this list together let's dive into this story a bit and check out the direct quote describing Aurora.


"Straddling several counties in the Denver metropolitan area, Aurora is the 'Gateway to the Rockies' with plenty of outdoor activities. It also ranks as one of the nation's safest cities despite some worryingly high scores when it comes to safety. At six incidences per 100,000 people, the murder rate is representative of the national average, whereas the rates for vehicle theft (2,177 per 100,000) and rape (98, over double the average of 41) are significantly higher."


Ok so right there in the quote it says "despite some worringly scores when it comes to safety" so how exactly did it make the list then?

Ok look, this isn't an Aurora bashing party because honestly, I've only spent a very limited amount of time there, I'm just going basically on what I've heard from others and seen with my own eyes and on the news.

Check out the rest of this "safest cities" list.


Now, let's check out this list because I feel like it's more realistic on what a safe city in Colorado looks like. FYI, Aurora didn't make this top 20.


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