That truck was Otto. Otto was founded earlier this year by Google Car's Ron and Anthony Levandowski, who ended up selling it to Uber last August for $670 million.

Uber's self-driving semi-truck, Otto, made the 120-mile Budweiser beer delivery without a driver behind the wheel. In fact, the driver was hanging back in the sleeper cabin. His job was to load the truck, pull it onto the highway, and then engage the self-driving system.

The rig is equipped with cameras, radar and LIDAR sensing technology. It drove along I-25 at a speed of 55 mph, using GPS and hyper-accurate digital maps. According to USA TODAY, the concept behind Otto is to produce an aftermarket kit with radar and camera sensors that would help the nation's 350,000 owner-operator truckers to keep their trucks on the road longer without cutting into their driving time.

The truck was followed by troopers and had received state government approval for the early morning beer run.

Uber is planning to enter the on -demand shipping business under the name Uber Freight, and they have also been testing cars in Pittsburgh that can drive themselves about 70 percent of the time.

Budweiser naturally created 45,000 specially-designed cans to commemorate to self-driving delivery, and you can find them for sale in Colorado Springs stores.

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