Kids are unpredictably hilarious. They do things that make you laugh without even trying and that is such a blessing. I am so fortunate to have three, soon to be four, amazing and entertaining grandchildren. Some of the best laughs you can have is when you give a child art supplies and an assignment. You never know what you will get but you know it will be entertaining.

My granddaughter Kirzi is very excited that she is going to be having a little brother join the family next month. She decided she would draw her mother Kia a picture of her as a gift. Here is what my granddaughter thinks her mother looks like.

Kia Kassman, TSM
Kia Kassman, TSM

I think we know what this looks like. It is either a horrible rendition of Grimace from McDonalds or she thinks her mom is huge purple penis. I cannot stop laughing when I look at this. Thank you for giggles Kirzi. I look forward to much more of your artwork on my fridge.

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