I have always loved watching James Bond movies. I remember seeing them when I was a kid with Sean Connery as James and thought he was the coolest dude ever. Who didn't want to be James Bond? I know being a super cool spy who got all the pretty girls was certainly someone I wanted to be.

Sean Connery, who many consider the ONLY James Bond, turns 87 years old today. I have always loved his work and his Bond films are some of his best but I don't consider him the best James Bond in my book. I am a bit younger than that and Roger Moore was the James Bond that I most relate to. When I think of Bond I think of Roger Moore.

These days Daniel Craig has the title role and is ready to make another Bond film and many feel he is a perfect James. I think he is just okay. I like my Bond a little more cartoonish and less 'dark' if you will. I thought Pierce Brosnan was a wonderful Bond as well. Who do you think has been the best James Bond? Vote here.

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