The world seems to run at a faster and faster pace. We are running on all cylinders all the time getting from here to there just trying to get all of our tasks done in a day. We will make time for meetings, assignments, preparing for future assignments and giving our time and energy to everything work related and the household chores. We seem to forget to give time to those we love. The work world gets the best of us and then we give what little we have left to our friends and family. The ones we love tend to get the worst of us. They get to hear the complaining and frustration but rarely get the best of us.

If there were ever a group of people who deserve your best, it is the ones you love. Why do people we don’t care that much about get our best? We will get called to go to something or meet with someone that we don’t want to do, but we know we have to do it anyway. We will then come home wiped out and impatient and take it out on our family. Not necessarily by being mean but by being withdrawn or having to vent out our frustrations. The kids will be climbing all over you wanting some time but you are tired and have too much to do. Bulls#%&! Your loved ones deserve the same time and effort you put into your work life.

Make a vow right now to schedule a half an hour each day to give your family your undivided attention. I give people I don’t even like that much of my time every day. Why can’t I give someone I love at least the same? Schedule quality time with your loved ones. Your wife, husband, child, grandchild, best friend or relative may be really needing some of you; make sure you save enough for those who deserve you.

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