Sara Evans is alive and well, she assures her fans. It seems there was confusion recently when a 16-year-old from Ohio with a similar name was involved in a car accident, causing some to worry about the country singer's well-being.

"There's a rumor that I was in a car wreck. It's not true thank God!" the 'Stronger' singer told fans via Twitter on Monday.

Unfortunately, the rumor was a reality for Sarah Evans, who was in a car accident last week in Ohio. The teenage Evans was cited for failing to yield to a stop sign, which North Canton police said caused an accident that flipped her car onto its side. Thankfully, no passengers in either vehicle were injured in the accident.

To further prove that she is indeed far from injured, the Evans -- the singer -- posted a photo of herself hard at work on a satellite television tour for the AXS television airing of her upcoming concert in Naperville, Ill.

It was a good idea on the 'A Little Bit Stronger' hitmaker's part to squash the rumor quickly, given that numerous country stars have been the subject of death hoaxes in recent months. In February, Reba McEntire made light of a rumor that she had died while filming a movie in Austria by releasing a photo making fun of gossip.

Then, in July, fabricated reports claimed that Garth Brooks had died in a jetski accident in the Turks and Caicos islands. In August, (untrue) rumors swirled on Twitter that Taylor Swift had been found dead in her home.

Perhaps crazy rumors are a sign of good things to come for Evans? After all, McEntire is now prepping for the debut of her latest television sitcom, 'Malibu Country,' while Brooks was recently inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. And Swift? She's in the middle of a week of promotional appearances for her album, 'Red,' out today.