Sometimes when bad things happen, the only thing you can do is make light of them. At least, that's how Sara Evans chose to handle a recent situation in Biloxi, Miss., when a fan overstepped his boundaries and left the country singer feeling flustered.

Instead of blowing things out of proportion, though, Evans opened up about the situation by making a mock talk show with her stylist and sister-in-law Kaelin Evans.

The situation went down when Evans was singing her encore song -- Cheap Trick's 'I Want You to Want Me.' As she walked to the front of the stage to greet her front-row fans, a man grabbed her and made the songstress pose for a picture. Being a good-natured southern gal, Evans obliged and then posed with the man's wife.

Unfortunately, as she tried to move away, the overzealous fan grabbed her arm and tried to pull her off the stage.

Luckily, Evans' tour manager was quick on the draw, and ran to pull her away before she lost her balance!

While some prima donna celebs might throw a fit in that situation, Evans kept her cool and finished the song. Later, she and her stylist recorded a mock talk show interview to poke fun at the situation --complete with audience applause, fake tears and a dramatic retelling of the story. Their interview aired as an installment of Evans' weekly web series 'Simply Sara.'

Fortunately for Evans' fans, the "terrible" incident didn't cause the country star to cancel any upcoming performances. Her tour will go on. But we advise concertgoers to mind their manners and give the 'Anywhere' singer some space!

Watch Sara Evans Talk About Scary Fan Situation