Todd dressed warm to deliver toys for Santa Cops
Jenny Harding, For TSM

Every year, one week before Christmas, I get together with the Larimer County Sheriff's Posse and deliver toys for Santa Cops of Larimer County. It's become one of my favorite traditions and the Posse has welcomed me in with open arms over the past decade.

It always warms my heart to see the joy in the children's eyes when we show up at their door with bags full of toys. It always breaks my heart that these are the only gifts that some of these kids will be getting this Christmas. When I was growing up, there were some lean years. It means the World to me that we can help give kids the best Christmas possible.

It was bitter cold when we made our deliveries Saturday morning, but the hot chocolate, my insulated coveralls and a little Christmas spirit kept me warm. I took a few pics to share my experience this year.

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