When you get Russell Wilson, you not only get a championship-caliber quarterback on the field, you get a championship-quality human being off the field that does so much for his community.

I saw it personally while I lived in Seattle for several years and I was fortunate enough to be a small part of and help him with a few of his endeavors in the community. I'm happy to already see it again as Russ, along with his wife Ciara, made their first visit to Colorado Children's Hospital yesterday.

Every week of every year, from his arrival in Seattle back in 2012 to his departure last week, whether the team won, lost, whether he played great or horribly - which didn't happen very often - he made his visit to Seattle Children's Hospital to hang out with the kids and staff to chat, take pics, and just hang out.

And that wasn't the only thing he and his wife did and were a part of in the Seattle community.

An intern at the hospital, Jackson Bennett, was shocked to see the two stars strolling through the doors at the hospital but was all sorts of excited to meet the two stars who took time to sign autographs, take pics, read books, and just bring some good vibes to kids stuck in the hospital.

Bennett spoke to KDVR saying, “The fact that a guy like him signs with the Broncos then one week later is making an impact on the community, that just shows a lot”.

That's just Russell, there's so much more to him than football and I'm excited for all of Broncos Country to see that side of him as well.

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