We had a pig roast for my wife's 50th birthday.  The pig was magically delicious.  It also got me to thinking. What if a pig roast were an event like where we roast celebrities.  A bunch of comedians would get up and make fun of the bearer of pork chops.

Here a few jokes you might hear at a pig roast:

  • The pig is so ugly even Ripley wont believe it!
  • This pig is so fat, he sat an iPhone and it turned into an iPad!
  • The pig is so stupid it took him 2 hours to watch 60 minutes!
  • This Pig smells so bad he has to creep up on bathwater!
  • The pig is so dirty, he makes mud look clean!
  • This pig is so ugly that even Scooby Doo couldn't solve that mystery!
  • The pig is so fat when he gets in an elevator, it has to go down!
  • This pig is so stupid, he goes to the beach to surf the internet!
  • When it comes to this pig, brains aren't everything, in fact they aren't anything!
  • The pig is so dumb once he took an IQ test and the results were negative!
  • This pig is so ugly he has to tie a piece of himself around his neck to get the dog to play with him.

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