Today is one of those days to remember those we have lost. There is not one of us who not been effected by this. I am talking about the painful ache of losing one of your beloved socks. I know it can hurt to talk about but we have all been there. This is the day to let it all out on Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Lost Sock Memorial Day is set aside to remember those single socks who have left us and the widow or widower sock that is left behind without a partner. Where do these single socks go? Have they just decided they have had enough of their spouse and have just disappeared? Have they met another sock and paired up with them? What about the poor sock left behind now with no one? What do they do? They could become a toy for a child and become a sock puppet, which I'm sure is rather demoralizing for them. They could have their toes cut off and then be used as a sleeve for someone but more than likely they will just live for a year or so in the bottom of the laundry basket just in case their match should someday appear. Most will meet the sad fate of ending up on someones hand and removing Pledge and dust from a table somewhere.

Thank you for your sacrifice lost socks. I hope you either found what you were looking for when you left us or are at least safe somewhere and living the good life on someone else's foot. We remember you today and will comfort those left behind.

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