I would be lying if I said I haven't be doing a lot reflecting and reminiscing about my radio career as we are in it's final days. I have made so many amazing friendships that will last long after this radio thing is done. I have been blessed to have you in my life but have also made some great friendships with record label people and the artists themselves.Today I have an artist you may remember named Kevin Sharp on my mind.

One of the nicest, kindest, sweetest and most inspirational people I have gotten to meet over my career was Kevin. He was a fantastic singer and entertainer. Today Kevin would have been 48 years old but unfortunately was taken from us way too soon in April of 2014. Kevin hit the music scene back in 1996 with the smash hit "Nobody Knows" which came five years after doctors had told him that cancer would take his life from him. He defied those odds for many many years and ultimately passed from stomach issues from past surgeries.

Kevin spent so much of his time talking to and being an inspiration to people battling cancer. This is a man who really treasured life and the chance to live it. We brought him to the Greeley Stampede many years ago and I can vividly remember him climbing the stage structure and shooting the crowd with Super Soaker squirt guns. He hung out with us in the studio many times and always wanted to be a part of the 28 Hours of Hope. He just loved what that was all about. Todd and I were honored to call Kevin one of our friends. Happy Birthday Kevin! I know you up there on that big stage entertaining the crowds of heaven.

This is so powerful.

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