We will never forget this day. We will always remember exactly what we were doing at 6:46 am on September 11 of 2001. Our innocence was shattered. We felt something we had never felt before. We were vulnerable on our own soil. We all felt it and were wounded but something amazing happened in spite of it...we united.

As much as I remember the pain of 9/11 I also remember the patriotism I felt on September 13 of 2001. We went out and raised money for the American Red Cross and felt your incredible American spirit. We collect a boatload of money that day but the thing I will always remember is broadcasting from the King Soopers on 35th ave in Greeley. We had our table and jars out to collect money. The radio station started to play the National Anthem and I watch a whole parking lot of people stop in their tracks and put their hand on their hearts. It is a vision that stays with me to this day.

For that moment and for a good period of time afterwards, we were united as one people. We saw no race or sexual orientation. We saw no Democrats or Republicans. We saw Americans. I would love for today if we could put aside our differences and unite again. Let's remember those lives lost by joining hearts and voices as one. There is no force greater than us when unified for a cause. We are still the greatest nation on earth and we need to band together and remember we are all brothers and sisters. We fight sometimes but when it comes to our family...we stick together. America is our family and we are the people. God Bless America! Stand tall today and feel the power of people. We will never forget this day...let it bring us together.

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