In an effort to start eating healthier, not a new years resolution mind you, just a tropical vacation motivator for late spring. It's okay, you can call me vain, but I'm being honest. I could have said it was to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure, but really those will just be great side effects to getting healthier.


This is not a brain revelation, I haven't discovered the secrets to Global Warming or how to stones into bread; I have discovered something that has been right in front of me all along and I love it!  Whether dieting, trying to find unique ways to cut calories or just for something a little different, I hope that you like this.


This recipe is for one wrap, take the recipe and times by 2, 3 or 4 if you like.

A large spinach tortilla, 2 Tbs of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, a sprinkle of ranch dry dressing mix, a sprinkle of dry dill (optional), 3 deli slices of oven roasted turkey slices, 1 piece of reduced fat cheese (I used Swiss, 35 calories per slice and cut it in half to fit my tortilla), 1 slice of cooked turkey bacon, Romain lettuce, tomato, avocado and red onions (the fixin's (lettuce, tomato etc.) are really up to you, but those are my favorite)


My James likes the tortilla's toasted so I turn on a gas burner on low and put the tortilla right on there for a couple of seconds, flip it and tah-dah! Now I mix the ranch dry dressing mix and dry dill with the non-fat Greek yogurt and spread over the tortilla. I then place the lettuce down, the turkey, the tomato and avocado the turkey bacon (I cook the turkey bacon in the microwave about a minute per slice or more if you like it crunchy) and then some diced red onion. I try to layer the ingredients so that not all the veggies are in one bite; it helps get a bite of each ingredient this way. I like to roll it somewhat like a burrito, but with one end open.



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