No matter who you yell at the screen to support, it's just about Superbowl time and we gotta get the feed bag ready for the crew!

Recipe Rescue Ravens Rescue Superbowl Feast

When visiting Baltimore, ready yourself for at least one food coma. There is a smorgasbord of food waiting to be discovered, from cakes to candy's, ginormous sandwiches to blue crab. Well one of the favorites is Pit Beef and I thought, how easy is it to at least pretend we have a little Baltimore right here in our own living rooms, so here comes my "mock pit beef" appetizers/snacks for the big game.


1 to 2 pounds of roast beef from the deli counter such as Mesquite Smokehouse sliced thinly ( the amount will really rely on you, the amount of people you'll feed and how much meat you like, average or piled high), 1 medium white onion (diced), 3 pkg(s) of crescent rolls (in the refrigerator section-like Pillsbury), horseradish and American cheese (optional)


Open up the crescent rolls, in a sheet, do not separate the individual rolls (if they are cold they will be easier to work with), coat the crescent rolls with the horseradish (if you don't like horseradish try a BBQ sauce or brown mustard), along the edge nearest you of the crescent rolls lay down a layer of beef, then onions, American cheese and another layer of beef. Now roll the dough into a tube and cut (make sure your knife is sharp so that the dough doesn't tear), into bite sized pieces (about an inch), place bites on a baking sheet and cook until golden brown. Repeat if necessary (that is if you want to make more)

And remember the number one rule when hosting a party, as I learned from my favorite television chef, the Barefoot Contessa/Ina Garten, pick a couple of things to make and buy the rest, a party should be fun not stressful and that way you too get to enjoy your friends and the game.