The big game is coming up Sunday and folks will be doing a lot of entertaining and a lot of eating. I am going to help you out today with some easy food ideas that will have your party hopping and people lining up at the snack table for more.

This stuff is incredibly easy to make and is so darn delicious. It is truly the best dip I have had and it has gone over huge every time I have served it. I have posted this recipe before but with the Super Bowl this weekend I thought I would throw out a culinary lifeline to help your party.

Here is all you need...

A crock pot
One block of cream cheese
Half a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
Couple of hand fulls of cheddar cheese
One can of chicken

Brian Gary, TSM
Brian Gary, TSM

Just mix it all together and let it melt away in the magical crock pot for a couple hours and you are ready to dip your chips, bagel bites, breads or fingers in this liquid joy. Enjoy!!

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