Tomorrow is the last full day of summer and I could not be more delighted. Summer is my least favorite season by far. I am a large hairy man who sweats just getting up so the summer heat is not a friend of mine. I don’t wear shorts and I don’t wear flip flops and am basically the opposite of Kenny Chesney in every way.

Friday Autumn begins and I say “welcome my friend”. Here are a few of the reasons I am glad Summer is over.

The return of watchable TV– Summer TV is very lame with reruns and filler shows. They save all the good ones to premiere in the Fall. I may actually need the DVR again.

The days get shorter– Being a man who gets up at 230 am each day, I don’t appreciate having daylight that lasts until near 9 pm. I like to have a little night in my day and can’t wait until it gets dark after lunch. I try to go to bed by 8 so it is nice if it is dark when I sleep. The days just seem way too long in the summer and you never really get to shut down

No more ham shorts– Ham shorts is that condition you get on hot summer day when you sweat so much that your underwear sticks to your backside like the net on a store bought ham. Sorry for the visual.

Football and hockey are back- I love our Rockies and am hoping this season ends with a playoff birth but I am always ready to move from the diamond to the gridiron when fall rolls in, maybe because we aren't used to being in the playoff race in September. I am also ready for the puck to drop. Go Eagles and Avs!

I need to address one more you call it Fall or Autumn? I have never spoken the word Autumn out loud while describing the season. What do you call it?

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