Case Keenum is going to be the next starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Fans all over Colorado are rejoicing.

Let's face reality though: The Broncos will not make the playoffs.

I'll repeat that for everyone one more time. At the end of the 2018 season, the Broncos will again be looking at six other teams in the AFC competing for the championship.

The Broncos themselves will then have free time to hit up the slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Why am I being "doom and gloom" in March, almost four months before training camp begins? I know that things can change over the next few months, and they may pick up a couple free agents that could sway me in another direction.

But the answer is simple: Vance Joseph and Bill Musgrave.

New York Giants v Denver Broncos
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First off, Case Keenum has had ONE good year as a starting NFL quarterback. ONE. Many people can step back and say that Keenum was more a product of the system and coaches he had in Minnesota instead of his actual playing ability.

Need examples of perennial backup quarterbacks who had a chance to start...looked great...cashed in...and then faltered? Matt Cassel and Matt Flynn are the first to jump to mind. But what helped them is that they had a coaching staff who provided them with the right playbook for those quarterbacks to be able to thrive.

Case Keenum had a chance to play with an excellent offensive coordinator in Pat Shurmur, and had a coach who had enough experience himself to succeed in Mike Zimmer.

The Broncos are blessed having Vance Joseph as the head coach, who in many instances in 2017 looked just as lost as the quarterbacks that the team had at the helm.

Sense my sarcasm when I say the team is blessed for having him as the head coach?

Do all of us in Colorado truly believe that Case Keenum will blend seamlessly with the system the team has in place and play as good as he did in 2017?

Or will we see Case Keenum, lifetime backup quarterback, be the main person for Denver in 2018? Let's refresh your memory of how the NFC Championship game turned out for Keenum and the Vikings.

Believe me, I'm hoping for the best and truly want Keenum to succeed here in Denver. He not only showed himself as a great player last year, but he was also a great person.

However, I'm also a realist and realize that as good as the quarterback has a chance to be, it also matter on who is surrounding that quarterback.

With Vance Joseph and Bill Musgrave as the people giving Keenum the system, I'm predicting it will be another tough season in Denver with the playoffs not in reach.

And if that happens, maybe the pressure then needs to move over to John Elway.

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