Rain and snow in Northern Colorado for the weekend can put a damper on Mother's Day tradition, but will Mother's Day be ruined? It's all up to you.

Mother's Day Snow Predicted ThinkStock
Mother's Day Snow Predicted ThinkStock

The weather can ruin Mother's Day traditions, but that doesn't mean that Mother's Day has to be ruined.

Remember what mom wants most is her family around her, so curl up with some hot cocoa and gather around with your memories of all that has been before.


  • Get out the families favorite games while growing up in the house and start playing
  • Gather around the kitchen island and make a family breakfast
  • With blankies and cocoa in tow, load up old family movies or your families favorite movies
  • Stop by your local garden center and pick out a few nice annuals, potting soil, a pot and some newspapers.... lay the newspapers out on the dining table and plant indoors, together.
  • Shop your local craft store and get a poster board, craft glue, stickers and an ink pad... write a special note to mom and put your hand print on the poster board... mom can put hers in the middle and then decorate it however you want-she will always treasure this piece of art and the time you took to make it with her
  • Order pizza and take time telling mom stories... good, bad and things maybe she didn't even know (like that party you through when she was out of town)

Moms seem complicated, but they're not... at the end of the day, they just want to spend time with you. They want to see your smiles and hear your laughter; especially if you are grown and out of the house, she misses you and the chaos of your childhood (more often than you think.)

Have a happy Mother's Day!

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