A rabid skunk was located in southeast Fort Collins earlier this week, making it the first rabid animal to be found in Larimer County in 2018. The skunk was found by a person walking their dog near the Portner Reservoir, and although the dog possibly came into contact with the critter, it was up to date on all of its vaccinations, so a quarantine was not necessary.

This is the first rabid skunk to be found in Fort Collins in five years, but animal control is warning residents to keep an eye out for skunks or any other animal that seems to be acting strange. Odd behavior for skunks are things like being out in the daytime, acting aggressive, walking in circles, or appearing unafraid of people and pets. According to the Larimer County Department of Health, rabid skunks are especially dangerous, because they are more likely to come into contact with people than other animals that are infected, such as bats. The Department of Health also stresses the importance of people vaccinating their pets and keeping them up to date with all of their shots. If you notice a skunk or any other wild animal acting unusual, call the Larimer County Humane Society's animal control at 970-226-3647 at number 7.

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